Lottie Magne – Lace and Pearls

Lottie Magne is a stunning Russian-born pornstar who has taken the adult entertainment industry by storm. Born on December 23, 1998, Lottie stands at 1.6 meters tall. She used to be a professional ballerina, which explains her amazing flexibility. She is also an artistic soul who enjoys writing comic books. She moved to Prague, Czechia, which is a major European porn hub, and started her career there in 2020.

In this gallery, we see Lottie Magne looking seductive in lace and pearls, showing off her curvy body and shaved pussy. Her confident and alluring demeanor is sure to leave viewers wanting more. Her petite body with small but firm boobs and a shapely ass is more fitting for a fashion model, but Lottie has proven that she has what it takes to be a great porn model.

Follow Lottie on her Instagram account @lottie.magne_ to keep up with her latest work and updates. Lottie Magne is a gorgeous young babe from Russia who leaving an unforgettable impression wherever she goes.